“Do You Need To Forgive”

This may sting a lil’ for even my closes friends…
But TUFF That’s how we grow and improve our lives. If you have been injured
or embarrassed by someone it’s almost natural to strike back and hurt the ones
who have hurt us. But are you constantly reliving the past and have feelings of
anger, bitterness, envy, or regret? If so I believe that you need to forgive someone…
I don’t care if it’s an “EX” I’m not proud of it but I have two of them and when
I forgave I felt Peace and comfort. Most of us don’t spend to much time thinking
about forgiveness we are to worried about the pain that we suffered and the people
who caused it. God has a better plan he wants us to live in the present not the past
and in order to do so we have to forgive those who have harmed us.

So Suck it up and move past your own particular tough times by freeing yourself
from the chains of bitterness and regret.

Until You Forgive You Are Trapped In A Prison Of Your Own Creation!!

with Love,
Jeff M.

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