Is Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Retirement Fortunes Possible?

The Block chain:  Is Your “Backdoor” to Cryptocurrency Fortunes
Yep A new virtual gold rush is under way that could let early adopters turn every $200 placement into a rare, once-in-a-lifetime return of $6,850.
BRIEF: In 2013, Bitcoin made headlines as it went from $13 to $1,147 (an extraordinary 8,526% gain). Now, everybody think they are too late to the game, but the truth is Bitcoin is just part of a much, much bigger picture. A picture that Microsoft, IBM, and 11 banks (including Wells Fargo) have tested it. “A new virtual gold rush is underway,” reports the New York Times.
When most people think about cryptocurrencies, their entire focus is on replacing paper money with digital money.�I learned from Chandler Guo (the kid behind the third largest Bitcoin mine) during an interview that he’s thoroughly focused on bitcoin.

In fact, Guo believes so strongly in bitcoin that he sells all other cryptocurrencies so he can buy more bitcoin. He said, “In the digital world in the future, they will be using bitcoin.”�It’s too good an opportunity. In his own words, he said, “At $700 a coin, bitcoin is too cheap. In 20 years, bitcoin will be a global [currency]. One bitcoin will be worth $1 million.”
I know that might sound crazy, but according to Guo, there are only 10 million bitcoins left out of the 15 million that have been mined. By his estimation, 5 million bitcoins have been lost (through owner deaths, hardware breakdowns, negligence, etc.).

This backs up what I was told from another bitcoin millionaire, Jered Kenna. He thinks about one-third of all bitcoins have been irretrievably lost.
So, at $1 million per coin and with only 10 million available coins, Guo is anticipating that bitcoin will have a total worth of $10 trillion.
Another bitcoin millionaire, Roger Ver, aka “Bitcoin Jesus,” thinks bitcoin will be worth $500,000 per coin. That would give bitcoin a value of $5 trillion.
I know these numbers sound crazy. But if bitcoin becomes the equivalent of digital gold, these numbers aren’t as nuts as they appear…
Consider that today; the total value of all mined gold in the world is $7 trillion. So, a case can be made that if bitcoin does become a globally recognized asset class, you could see a price between $500,000 and $1 million per coin.

I’ve been bullish on bitcoin for years. It’s a great way to protect your wealth against what I call the war on cash. �It’s also a perfect asymmetrical bet: It has vast upside, but the downside is limited.
So, yes, I’m a big fan.
But as much as I admire guys like Guo, I think they’re missing the forest for the trees when it comes to cryptocurrencies.�The truth is: Bitcoin is just part of a much, much bigger picture.�In my conversations with the investing public and bitcoin experts, their entire focus is on replacing fiat (paper) money with digital money.
I believe this will inevitably happen. But as investors, we need to draw a line between opportunities in the “death of fiat currency” space… and bets on the technology that underlies bitcoin.�I am talking about the block chain.

I think everybody should own bitcoin as a chaos/currency hedge. But I also think we need to start looking at how block chain technology will change the world.
As I’ll show you in this special webinar, the Facebooks, Amazons, Netflixes, and Googles (so-called FANG stocks) of tomorrow will be blockchain companies.
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Jeff M.

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